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Flameworker from Adam Simms on Vimeo.

We would like to Thank Adam Simms for all of his hard work on this project, and we appreciated being able to take part!


 Watch this for FREE just use coupon code "free" (without the quotation marks) to gain a free rental. Hook it up with a review if you have time, thanks!

For a physical DVD to treasure please follow this link labelpeelers.com/label-peelers-shirts/flameworker-dvd/ Label Peelers is a homebrew supply business I own and will be handling the shipping of the DVDs.

An intimate look at a cross section of people who choose to make a living with glass art. From people 43 years in the game to artists just starting to make a living as a glass blower, this very up close and personal documentary gives you access to over 40 glass artists from all over the United States. Find out what lampworkers honestly have to say about living the glass life style.

Full of tender and funny moments, this documentary is very entertaining for both the glassblower as well as someone who knows nothing about this hidden world around them.

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